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Maybe someone already submitted this or not, but either way here is my suggestion.

A communications Device. Whether wireless or not the teams need to get a message from one half their team to the other some distance apart. Communications have taken many forms over the centuries ranging from drums, to smoke signals, to fires from mountain top to mountain top. The hard part here is how to make it technically difficult enough to require a 10 hour build. The scoring idea I envision though is that the message that is transfered may be a combination to a safe containing a flag. Any idea though on how to make the challenge tachnical enough to require 10 hours plus some enginuity in design?

-- Eric Nelson (, January 16, 2001


I think it would be really cool for Junkyardwars to build a remote control robot the teams could race them through a maze.

PS I watch your show every Wedsday plus I think that womams cute.

-- R KYLE FINLEY (, January 17, 2001.

I like it a communiaction device would be very cool. Having to scrounge the elettic components form the junkyard would be cool. something different not envolving engines.

-- CB (, January 18, 2001.

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