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We are thinking about having a Junkyard Wars type competition at my high school. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions that would help in the planning?

-- Matthew Jones (, January 16, 2001


1. DO NOT make it to hard. Many teams may not complete it. 2.Try to have friends on each team. If they dont know each other, They might not work well. 3.Have fun! KEVin

-- kevin (, January 16, 2001.

The NERDS hosted a recent competition involving machines that played Bocce with practice golf balls. Can't remember where I read about it (maybe here) but it had MANY different ways to tackle the same problem.

-- ChanzReed (, January 17, 2001.

try the folks at Destination Imagination and Science Olympiad. You might as well make it part of a national competition, so the winner of your schools event can move onto something larger.


-- Jeff - The NERDS (, January 21, 2001.

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