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A friend of mine is looking for pedigree copies of Chasmu Kwi(a)ng Tung of Lhakang" und "Chen of Chasmu"? Auch "Leo Lea of Lhakang" und "Chen of Taishan"? Ís there a chance that someone can help?

-- Anonymous, January 16, 2001


Candy, you don`t happen to know if they were champions do you? I have a book of champions. If not, when I have got a minute, I will check through the pedigrees in the book of champions and see if they appear anywhere.(:o)

You might also like to post this request on Sue Bakers UK Shih-Tzu site, someone on there may have the information to hand.(:o)

-- Anonymous, January 17, 2001

Sue has forward me the pedigree and my friend was more than happy. Fast service,but late reply by me.Shame on me.

-- Anonymous, January 19, 2001

My goodness - Sue is certainly `super efficient`! And always most helpful. (:o)

-- Anonymous, January 20, 2001

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