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Okay, now I understand the theory of stacking and how to do it, my question is about how many stacks should I use, I mean

100 red dragons 100000 lizard men

is a stack, follows all the rules ( places the fodder behind other things and what not) but it is a horible stack as the enemy will kill mass numbers of lizards making it hard to win

2500 hydras 20 Red dragons 2000 chimeras 500 lichs 800 salamanders 600 wraith 10,000 lizard men

is another stack, this one is better because it is larger, the top stack isnt targeted as much as RD but still has a high def and res and the lizards are harder to get to... but is this too many or not enough?

the more stacks you have the weaker each is because your total power is the attack restriction, so you want to have just one more stack than your enemys (so that nothing hits your fodder) but renforcements then wont be usefull, and enemy renforcements will hit your foder... so just what is a good range of a stack size?

oh and contrary to those examples being red, I am a blue mage, so a good blue stack example would help some...

I have noticed that most people either use like 10 stacks or 5 stacks, few people go between those numbers, although some use one (which is a nice defence (50 RD will guard fairly well, and if someone knows you are doing that then well they would have known your stack anyhow, and could devestate it just as well)

anyhow thanks for the help

-- Anonymous, January 16, 2001


Well to be really honest, the number of stacking just depends on how you want to use your mage.

Yup, for blue mages they use 5 or 10 stacks. The reason for this, I am not sure myself. However, from what I heard from my brother, Dredd: No blue mage will want something in between.

Most blue mage would want to have the basic 3 elementals, AA for first stack to absorb, liches for ranged, mind rippers as well. Next you will need a fodder thus 7 stacks. But no one uses this as they need a secondary melee and additional 2 stacks as fodder hence 10 stacks.

The additional melee stacks are to protect the fodders which will ensure that the you as the attacking mage will have the maximum land gain. It is also to ensure the fodders are not slaughted by the enemies when they attack (random).

PS: If Dredd remembers anything else, I'll post them out.

Actually, you don't really say the your stacks become weak. In fact, if it is possible for you, the best method of stacking is to achieve equilibrium of net power in your stacks.

-- Anonymous, January 23, 2001

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