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Since the Bush cabinet seems to be a favorite subject here, consider Colin Powell. My jaw hit the floor when he gave his first speech as Sec State Designate. I hadn't heard words like his in years. They were simply on a higher plane than anything that came out of the Clinton foreign policy camp. They were complex, understanding words that showed not only education, but experience, credibility, and the no-nonsense confidence of knowing a subject. All business.

We've had enough politicians and professors in these positions. You won't get any feel-good candy cane stuff out of him. One reason is he's carried a rifle in combat. He knows what the actions of the National Command Authorities can lead to, and how it can get out of control. With the dearth of military experience in Washington have come a number of poorly thought out misadventures. To quote a Marine "they like to say, 'hey you guys, go fight', but they've never fought themselves, and they'd never send their little darlings to do it." Not so the General. Hats off!

-- Anonymous, January 15, 2001


I agree. General Powell will be an excellent State Secretary and would have made an excellent president. Credit should be given to President Bush for selecting such an able man to be our Secretary of State. What a contrast to the previous holder of this office1 Pastor Paris

-- Anonymous, January 28, 2001

I couldn't agree with you more Rev. Price. Clinton with his deferments and Bush protecting the great state of Texas during the Viet Nam war, not to mention Chaney with his numerous deferments. We finally have someone who understands war, and all that it brings. So long to the "John Waynes." I would have loved to seen a president such as McCain, the real McCoy.

-- Anonymous, January 30, 2001

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