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I bought some VCDz from China, and i plays it on my DVD player, it is Panasonic DVD-A300, and it was bought from china too, but when i put in the VCDz in the DVD player, it playes it, but the screen goes up and down, i don't know why, please help. And it only works for some VCDz, most VCDz playes up and down. And please e-mail me the answer!!!! Thank you.

-- Lei Shi (, January 15, 2001


it could possible be cos the vcd is in NTSC format and you tv is a PAL. its cos of the verticle hold, i know playstation games can have the same problem

-- kellyc (, January 16, 2001.

Yes, If you are in the US using this player/VCD, then it will be the difference in formats (with the TV). the US TVs play at 29.97 (30) fps and the DVD player and VCD are outputing at 25 fps.

-- Pat (, January 16, 2001.

DVD-RIPs converted from their native MPEG2 to MPEG1 and burned onto a CD suffer from MACROVISION COPY PROTECTION. This can be avoided but often isn't because it's a "quick job". That or the DVD player you have outputs a macrovision copy protection style signal that shows distortion if you have the DVD plugged through a VCR to the TV or through a digital reciever or cable reciever before the TV. Hmmmmmmmm. VHS tapes often have Macrovison on nowerdays. Fucks it up completely. Probably to push people into buying DVD players.

-- Smeeglebumb Melsovich (, December 21, 2001.

Im not sure what you mean by "up and down," but maybe its cuz u bought them from china.......obviouly they are bootleg cuz they maybe its a cam or something maybe shittily recorded

-- Alex (, December 22, 2001.

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