What about after the competition???

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Just a crazy question, but what happens to all the contraptions that the teams build AFTER a competition?? Do the teams take what the built "home" and tinker with them some more, or do the machines go back into the junkyard??

I would really like to know what happened to the dragsters that were built!

-- Derek Troyer (djtroyer@netscape.net), January 15, 2001


The early shows said the Invetions were "recycled" (Crushed). This is no doubt a safety and insurance precaution as these devices are very makshift at best.

-- Stephen A. Binion (Stephenbinion@hotmail.com), January 15, 2001.

Last I saw they dragged Hot Hazle out of the lake braking her prop and rudders off, the next build we saw her in the junkyard with the Metal Medics log boat all chopped up into pieces and thrown inside, sad but true...I did save a piece fo the prop for a souvenir..

-- Ken Beidleman[Beetle-Art Attack] (june-ken@humboldt1.com), January 16, 2001.

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