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on previuos teams Did they bring any "trick goodies", with them? like switches, connectors for wiring? Maybe a check valve, or pressure releif or any special stuff like that.

Larry R

-- Larry Rodecap (lartob80@aol.com), January 15, 2001


I think the Teams are permitted to bring Personal Tools (Note Meglomainiacs well used welding gloves and helmet) But all the stuff comes from the junkyard

-- Stephen A. Binion (Stephenbinion@hotmail.com), January 15, 2001.

Inside the build area there are boxes of old nuts, bolts, screws and stuff. Rivets, washers, all kinds of crud. They will let you bring a few things with you too. We brought a light sensitive welding hood, tape measures, Leatherman tools, and I even brought 5 small containers of latex paint. There are all kinds of small items just outside the doors of the build areas too. One thing I would bring if I had to do it again. HANDCLEANER!!! theres none around.

-- Duane Flatmo, Art Attack (flatmo@humboldt1.com), January 15, 2001.

Let Us Not Forget Geo and His Calculator OF Doom

-- JunkMan (r1ddller@juno.com), January 16, 2001.

And what was that book he used as a reference. Could any of the rest of us understand it?

-- Stephen A. Binion (Stephenbinion@hotmail.com), January 16, 2001.

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