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Well just wanted to post a message on the website. My name is Chad Cowan and I'm a new addition to the Hargill family. My wife, Holly Haley Cowan, is a long-time visitor and dad, Roddy Haley, and family grew up there. I had the chance to visit on a trip to the coast last year. What a wonderful place! Being from a small town I can appreciate the simpleness of a place like Hargill. I wish I could have been there 40 years ago and seen the Haley family (Roddy, Margie, Debbie, Dale and Betty) roaming the streets (should that be 50 years ago??) as kids. Anyway can't wait until the next reunion 2005! Maybe Holly and I will be toting a little one by then. Who knows??? Anyway I'd love to hear stories about the History of Hargill so please post them. Thanks to Sandy for the site.

-- Chad Cowan (ansontexas@hotmail.com), January 15, 2001

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