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I have been toying with using a faster film than my typical FP4. Would TMY400 or Hp5 be that much of a step backwards from 100? I mean would the grain and/or contrast be noticeable in 16x20's?

-- Matt O. (, January 15, 2001


Matt: I normally use either Tri-X or HP-5 Plus for my 4x5 work. I havent used a slow film in years because I haven't found it necessary for fine quality prints. The largest print I normally make is 16x20, and the quality is good. I find the extra speed very helpful in LF. By the time you add a filter and stop down to F22 or 32, you rapidly run out of shutter speed. I have used Tri-X developed in HC-110 for years. During the past year, I have used a great deal of HP-5 Plus developed in Ilford ID-11. I like the looks of the HP-5. I would recommend either film for LF. T-Max 400 works well for many photographers, although there seems to be no middle ground on opinions about the film. Seems one either loves it or hates it.


-- Doug Paramore (, January 15, 2001.

I use 4x5 HP5+ developed in PMK all the time. It is so fine grain it is difficult to focus and difficult to find wall space for all the 20x24 prints.

-- John Hennessy (, January 15, 2001.

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