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i think a old time shooting gallery would make a fine challeng. the teams would have to design a bullet stop as well as a meathod of making the targets move and reset they could have bells that ring when hit and targets that spin. of corse safety would have to be the top cancern.

-- robert knapp (, January 15, 2001


Interesting idea.

The only hard part, would be how to judge the winner. All of the challenges are designed to produce a concrete winner (eg. first around the track, heaviest mass of coffee ground, etc). You probably don't want to bring in subjective judging like Olympic figure skating. Then politics enters the picture.

-- Doug Moseley (, January 15, 2001.

yes i see your point the competion would be a shoot off. each team would shoot at the other teams gallery the targets would be assinged a point value. the smaller the target the more pionts,also moving targets would be worth more points then stationary targets. rules could be set to regulate the speed at which the moving targets could rotate as well as target sizes. as far as the experts are concerend the show could have olympic or biathalon shooters and the judge could be a carnival owner. i hope this makes my idea clearer.

-- robert knapp (, January 15, 2001.

Because of the UK's gun laws, that show would have to be filmed in the USA, I think the UK even classifies air cannons as guns which is not the case here in the USA

-- R. Eric Kahn (, January 15, 2001.

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