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Hi, I am planning on climbing Mt. Baker in Washington during the month of April and am curious if anyone has and would like to tell me about their expereince. What trail approach did you take? How did you prepare? Any words of advice? Thank you for your response, any information is helpful. -Violet

-- Violet Lindstrom (, January 14, 2001


I didn't climb Baker as early as April, my climb was in August, but we did the Coleman Glacier route on the North side. I went with three others, Kevin, Morgan and Kinnon. We had beautiful weather and only one crevasse we had to jump across. The rest were all covered by snow which will certainly be your experience in April. It was my first time in an alpine climb and I loved it. Wish you luck!

You can see some picks from my climb at: m

-- Jon Kocol (, February 19, 2001.

The book "CASCADE ALPINE GUIDE climbing and high routes #3" (Rainy Pass to Fraser River) by Fred Beckey is good and has pictures and route descriptions.

-- Brennan Henderson (, February 21, 2001.

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