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Picture Cathy saying: "This week's challenge calls for vision. Long distance vision. Our teams are going to build far-seeing devices, then we'll test their eyesight with some very big, very distant eyecharts."

telescopes of different kinds--can they rig lenses from headlights? history of telescopes big "eyechart" signs at various distances (like the measurements down the length of a driving range); see the farthest, go on to the next round

-- Linda Carson (, January 14, 2001


Reflector vs Refractor? Where's the two methods? Additionally grinding lens' is meticulous work. Not the sort of bodging for a recip saw.

-- ChanzReed (, January 15, 2001.

Well scapheapers I've got an idea Howsa 'bout the reflector from a headlamp (poor imitation of robert). No clue on other lenses

-- Stephen A. Binion (, January 15, 2001.

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