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Picture Cathy saying: "Welcome to Great White North. In this week's challenge, two teams of veteran scrap-wizards are going to try their hand at ice-making. No, not ice cubes. They're going to clean and resurface an ice-skating rink with machines they've built from scratch in just ten hours."

Zamboni footage shovelling vs sweeping, spraying vs mopping, and the ever-popular power vs finesse some manoeuvering challenges in the close quarters of an ice rink

-- Linda Carson (, January 14, 2001


I thought a scratch-built Zamboni would be neat too, but it raises one VERY BIG question: How will you quantify the winner?

Proposed guidelines for challenges:

1) the machine to be built must do interesting things that will hold the audience's attention.

2) the machine must be easily built, transported and handled (which means nothing big like the merry-go-around someone previously proposed!)

3) there must be some sort of exciting contest for the teams to put the machines through its paces, with a discernable outcome (whose is fastest, whose is more powerful, etc.)

If a challenge does not satisfy the above criteria, it's not well- thought out!

-- Thomas (, January 15, 2001.

My husband and I have discussed how to evaluate an ice cleaning contest. If you paint the ice with ice paint, using the Junkyard Wars logo over portions of or the entire ice surface, you could see how well the machines clean the ice. Also, if you use a double-ice rink, it could be a speed trial as well.

-- Wendi Roeder (, January 18, 2001.

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