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Picture Cathy saying: "This week's challenge looks pretty simple at first glance. Build a bicycle. The tricky bit is that this bicycle has to run in a uniquely rugged environment, the Antarctic. If a bike's going to be any use there, it's got to handle ice and snow and sub-zero temperatures... and the rider's got to handle the bike while wearing heavy winter gear. "We're not going to Antarctica, I'm afraid. But our two teams will put their winter-cycles to the test in a relay race on our gruelling snow/ice track, while wearing mitts and boots."

try out designs during the build by testing them in a sand pit wear oven mitts and safety boots to ride bring along a few plastic penguins for atmosphere

based on a recent student design challenge reported on Discovery

-- Linda Carson (, January 14, 2001


Where this Idea belongs is in the, k

-- Rick Lawrence (, January 14, 2001.


-- Rick Lawrence (, January 14, 2001.

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