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I have an ATI AIW 16m agp. Whenever I capture video from a VCR, it gets out of sync with the video with captures over 20 minutes. Whats wrong? It happens with mpg or mg2 at high (5mbps) or low (1.5mbps) bitrates. Whats wrong? I also have a P3-600 and a DM M80 soundcard.


-- Eric Yuzon (, January 14, 2001


Eric, I have an ATI Wonder TV tuner that has the same tendency when I capture using the capture software that comes with the hardware. I would suggest trying a third party capture software such as AVI_IO or Virtual Dub. Both these (especially AVI_IO) do a fine job locking the audio feed with the video feed. I have had no problems since. As you probably know, capturing software such as this is freely available.

-- derek (, January 15, 2001.

Fine, but I think AVI_IO or VirtualDub will only allow AVI capture with some such VfW codec, not MPEG-2. You can probably change your soundcard to SounBlaster Live! also.

-- MT (, January 18, 2001.

My P3 550 128 MB ATI AIW 128 32 MB has the same problem . I solved the sync problem using the new drivers ( 7078 i guess ) and ati MMC 7.1 from ati homepage . The problem is that i only have the good sync in windows multimedia player . When i run to Virtualdub to encode the MPEG 1 to MPEG 4 it is out of sync again , even in the input viewer , before i start the encoding job . Anyway , capturing with vdub or avi-io has 1 problem : i must capture in AVI compatible format - cant capture mpeg 1 . The resulting capture shows a weird image when fast movements are present ( like horizontal lines in the edges of the moving image ) ??? Dont know how to solve that .

-- DeMarco (, August 22, 2001.

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