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Is it true that it never lightings in San Francisco? If this isn't true when was the last time it has?

-- heather lynn (, January 14, 2001


Though Thunderstorms seem to be quite rare, we had quite a few spectacular lightnings west of Ocean Beach just last Wednesday...

-- Wolfgang Schubert (, January 14, 2001.

You can find more information, also on historical snow fall, or storms, in San Francisco Climate, at:

Snow in San Francisco? Yes, indeed!

-- Wolfgang Schubert (, January 23, 2001.


I had the exciting experience of being in the Tenderloin last week when there was lightning, thunder, and even hail! This must be the same storm Wolfgang mentioned, though I remember this to be last Thursday -- I was Location Scouting for a new TV pilot.

Also, in December 1998, I was working on The Bachelor when it actually SNOWED in the Financial District! The snow melted quickly upon hitting the ground, but there was quite a layering of it up on Mt. Tamalpais, Mt. Diablo, and the Santa Cruz Mountains. Here's an article about it from the San Francisco Chronicle.

Scott Trimble
Northern California Movies

-- Scott Trimble (, January 30, 2001.

Found the most amazing photos at:

and you can even buy the images!

-- Wolfgang Schubert (, June 01, 2001.

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