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The teams should build a machine which would turn large rocks into gravel much like a stone quarry does. The challenge would be to produce the the most gravel of a pre-determined size. The machines would have to crush the rocks and filter out the gravel that meets the size requirements. The teams would be supplied with a limited amount of rocks, thus requiring a system that recycles the gravel which is too big. Too small gravel may also be rejected (i.e. a lot of rock dust should not contribute the the weight of the gravel).

-- john gallaher (, January 14, 2001


Lots of breakdowns rather like the grain harvest episode. I want it.

-- Stephen A. Binion (, January 14, 2001.

Good Idea - But I am afraid it is WAY too complicated for this show. It takes ALOT of pressure to crush rocks - a rock crusher is a huge, heavy machine that could never be built in 10 hours. Plus you would need a conveyer under the crusher to carry the crushed rock to a vibrating screen to screen out the rock and then another conveyer to carry the "rejects" back to the rock crusher again. Maybe in 10 days, not ten hours. Would be a hell of alot of fun though.

-- John McNeil (, January 16, 2001.

Naw nothin to it a hammer mill could be built in 5 or 6 hours. vizualize hammers attached to an axle. Axle spins in drum. big rock come in. Litte one fall out thru screen. everything falls onto finer screen with fines (Undersized gravel) falling on ground. Roller mill even simpler.

-- Stephen A. Binion (, January 16, 2001.

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