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I intend to visit Yosemit this year with my regular climbing partner for 4 weeks culminating hopefully in an ascent of The Nose. We have been approached by a friend of my partner who wants to join us. He is quite capable and compatible but I wonder about the logistics and bivvy space for a party of 3. Any comments?

-- Jim Fairey (, January 14, 2001


The first one day ascent of the Nose was with three people and many of the speed ascents have featured three folks as well. Naturally if you have a tendency to get tangled, it could be worse.

Some bivies are OK for Three. Some would be more suffering. Crowds are always a factor. If you have a portaledge, that could bring you flexibility.

There are Nose reports and photos on my site at



-- Karl Baba (, January 26, 2001.

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