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Hello all. Well I picked up my 45 NX from the person and it looks great. I did get the lens and lensboard also...BUT! When I go to install the lens, I take off the rear element and there is a small round thredded collar I assume is used to tighten it to the lens board. Well that collor is small enough to fit thru the hole of the lens board!?? Putting the rear element on has no bearing in holding the lens to the board, only this ring/collar that is smaller than the hole in the lens board. Please tell me the lens board has the wrong size hole in it! The guy said it was a copal 0 board and thats what shutter I have. Could the collar have been misplaced with a smaller one?? Should the lens barrel fit snug in the hole..It dosent now.

Thanks for any help


-- Joe Tasse (, January 13, 2001


Joe, sounds like you have a "0" shutter and a "1" board...

-- Steve Clark (, January 13, 2001.

You need a retaining ring. The front element goes through the board. Then the retaining ring srews on the back of the front element and holds it to the board. Then the rear element screws on to the protruding part of the front element.

-- Alan Shapiro (, January 13, 2001.

Sorry, on re-reading your message I realize that what you refer to as a collar is in fact a retaining ring. And if it is small enough to go through the lens board then I agree with the previous message that you probably have the wrong size lens board.

I should read more carefully.

-- Alan Shapiro (, January 13, 2001.

Easy enough. Just search out a used Calumet lens board. Awhile back, I was lucky and found one at Calumet. Cheap. Try B&H. Or anybody. Heck, its the most fullproof piece of used equipment you can buy. As long as theres no rust! Good luck.

-- Raven (, January 13, 2001.

Thanks all, I just needed that confirmation on the above! Looks like I need to put off playing with the new toy until I get a different board.

I appreciate everyones input! Thanks a Miliion!

-- Joe Tasse (, January 14, 2001.

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