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20 foot swells, +6' high tides, storm clouds=great pics-right? on a 15' bluff overlooking a wild looking ocean I set up my Horseman 980 waiting for the perfect waves to crash on the cliffs. I had taken one shot and turned to recock the shutter and advance the film when my friend yelled, "Watch out!". A wave doused me, almost knocked the camera over and tweaked 2 tripod legs. Fortunately my backpack was zipped up and my Pentax meter was in its case. I had the camera home W/I 10 min and blew and dried out everything I could. The shutter did not live through the event however and is winging its way to Grimes for repair. To make matters worse, I threw my salt soaked clothes and photo vest in the bath tub but failed to take my wallet out of my sweats. Oh well. George

-- George Nedleman (, January 13, 2001


I guess that wave had your number on it!

-- Ellis Vener (, January 14, 2001.

I can empathize. If you do enough photography sooner or later you will end up losing a certain amount of equipment. I have certainly loss my share. I have a special (read well wore) set of equipment that I use for hazardous duty. I use it when the going get rough and the chance of loss is high. This helps in two ways. In case of loss it does not sour the whole trip. I also don't feel so inhibited by the potential loss of equipment. Again we all work hard to buy this expensive stuff so I am sorry about your loss.

-- Pat Raymore (, January 14, 2001.

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