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Even though everyone seems obsessed with the new male host of the show, I think he is a great addition to this program. Not to put down Robert, the british host, I understand George's humour better because we are North-American people and we have watched the same Tv shows, historical moments and movies than him. It all comes back to the noth-american cultural reality. Another thing is that I always had to rewind my JYW tapes a couple of time to understant everything that was said by Kathie and Robert. Not, with George at her side, Kathie's british accent seems to be more understandable because you can follow at least one half of the dialogs. It's true that I wasn't very happy with George the first 2 episodes. He seemed a little too stupid for a show like that. With the other episodes, I realized that he was just trying too hard to be funnier than Robert. George had probably watched all the previous episodes. He was just thinkin:«Gotta make a joke, gotta make a joke, ...» and that's no good when you must be funny AND show that you can understand what the competitors are doing. I'm seeing a George getting used to the format, more relaxed and more involved in explaining things to the audience. I also find him funnier everytime a watch the show. Remember people, thing can just get better and if you can't understand that the guy is under big pressure to be as good as Robert was, then writing letters and complaining about how you think he sucks isn't the solution.. It's part of the problem.

P.S.: I just realized that I haven't sais a word about how much I love Junkyard Wars. Thank you god for this refreshing reality show that calls for intelligence and curiosity instead of gossiping and voyerism. By the way, I also like Kathie very much.

-- Maxime Philibert (mphil@atreide.net), January 13, 2001


Well I guess I've waited long enough to say this, I've been waiting for people to notice George has supposedly gotten better as the series progressed. The shows have not been shown in the order they were filmed!!!!!!!!

The dune buggy show was filmed before the Air cannon show, the dragster show was filmed right after the air cannon show.

George is still george there is no difference from one show to the next, if you taped them go back and look closely at the stuff in the yard.

Sorry to bust some bubbles, but I had to, I just couldn't wait any longer.


-- JustJay-Captain-Three Rusty Juveniles (justjay@neo.rr.com), January 13, 2001.

Don't you think it's strange that the producers of the show put George in because they thought Anericans would understand and relate to him better yet those same Americans are saying this guy is stupid.What's that say about you? Besides George isn't the only problem it's all the little stuff they changed too.And thinking the show will get better isn't going to work either because the shows have all been taped already.

-- Phil (megavybe@coolnet.net), January 13, 2001.

I hope when you say we, you mean you and the mouse in your pocket. :)

I find George unfunny, unentertaining and a real pain in the a**. Get Robert to co-host the North American versions. Sadly that won't happen until next season :(

Robert is a good interviewer, has a great sense of humour and works well with Cathy. They make a great team for one of the most entertaining shows on television.

Just some of my thoughts, a Canadian fan.

P.S. I wouldn't stop watching because of my opinions of George. I just find the show WAY more enjoyable with Robert.

-- K.C. Baldwin (kcheeb@yahoo.com), January 13, 2001.

George is a young comedian. He is OK, but if he asks the "authority" for his bet one more time, I think I may be distracted. Personally, he needs to get a little more informed on what is being done, technically. Obviously, Robert had a better grasp of the technical aspects. With a little work George could be OK, but I believe his humour is a little "young" for this audience member.

-- Frank Siebenborn (FGSieben@aol.com), January 15, 2001.

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