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I am new to SVCD's and am having a problem understanding how or if Adaptec Easy CD Creator V4.0 will burn SVCD. I have made numerous VCD with the above software but am having trouble with SVCD. I encode the video using TMPGenc v12b and have the settings as follows: SuperVideoCD NTSC (MPEG-2 480x480 29.97fps CQ quality 65) The mpegs turns out fine and plays well on the computer. The problem occurs when trying to burn the SVCD. I select the VCD option in adaptec and then when I select the file I get an error indicating it does not meet whiteboard format and it also indicates which items are not to standard. I realize it does not meet the standard but I have it burn the cd anyway and of course it doesn't play. It there something else I need to do and if so what are the steps. Is there other cd burn software I need to burn SVCD formats. Any help would be appreciated.

-- Charles Wyborney (, January 13, 2001



EZ CD Deluxe version 4 does not support SVCD. You need Nero version 5.0.x.x to create SVCD. There are two modules in Nero, VCD and SVCD. They are for making VCD disc and SVCD disc.

-- lnguyen (, January 13, 2001.

an alternative method on making SVCD with EZ CD deluxe 4.0 is to create a .CIF image file with Enreach I-Author for SVCD Deluxe version 1.0. This method allows you to create extensive menu driven structure on SVCD. Nero method is just burn and play after encoding...

-- lnguyen (, January 16, 2001.

Thanks for the response. Since I posted this question I have visited various web sites and determined exactly what you told me. I tried using I-Author and creating the image file and burning with EZ creator 4.0 and it worked fine. I do have a follow-up and that is, can I take a video that has been encoded with TMPGen to the SVCD format and use I-Author to create the image file without going through the multiplex process. This process requires me to start with a video file and a audio file prior to the multiplexing with I- Author. In the sample that I ran, I did the following steps. 1. I started with an AVI file in 720X480 29.97fsp NTSC format. 2. I used TMPEGenc and encoded video only at MPEG2-720X480 29.97fps NTSC, this created a .m2v file. 3. I the used TMPEGenc and encoded the audio file only at MPEG1 Audio Layer II at 44100Hz and 224kbs, this created a .mp2 file. 4. I then used the I-Author multiplexer to join the files into a .mps file which I then used I-Author to create the image file for EZ CD creator 4.0.

I would like to know if there is a way to skip steps 2 and 3 above if I can get the video in SVCD format prior to creating the image file.

A non related note, this web site has been very helpful in my slowly gaining the information I needed to make VCD'd and now SVCD's. There is nothing better than a group of users sharing information versus manuals and textbooks.

I hope this site continues.

-- Charles Wyborney (, January 18, 2001.

Instead of doing audio and video separately. Have you ever try the template that comes with TMPGenc. There are two SVCD templates. You can create SVGA format file in one shot.

-- Michael Tso (, March 06, 2001.

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