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Make a sign that will automatically display "Junkyard Wars" 1, 2 or N characters at a time. Like scrolling marque signs with 5x5 light boxes for each character.

The light boxes are old headlights, taillights and interior lights. The method of displaying characters can be a set of moving non-conductiveplates with holes and some sort of conductor droping through holes in them.

They would need to move the plates and lift the sensors and drop them down on each plate.

A soldering iron would probably have to be included for this one...

-- John Dillon (, January 13, 2001


Cool but not the brute,dirty,mud covered,gas burning,road munching fun the audience is used to. You understand what im getting at right? I mean where is the payoff? Picture the end of the show: ok everyone lets begin!!! omg the scrap daddies blew a bulb what drama!! lol well anyway I wouldnt want to discourage a fellow scrap junky, who knows the producers might like it, who am i to judge. I think you have great ideas just need more thought on viewer interest.

-- greg (, January 16, 2001.

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