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Humm, I was thinking of some "grand" introduction to introduce the very first installment of the Konica Manuals for FREE project, but could not come up with something not "cheezy". haha. So here goes:

Introducing, just for the users of this board (that is you reading this), this grand history making event, highly supported by the Konica users here to continually make it a better resource for all of us! Finally no more buying overpriced manuals from someone running an industrial photocopier in the backroom, now, they are FREE to ALL us who love the Konica system and want to know MORE!

Just remember, this is a Beta version (basicly, it will change a little/lot before I put it up for everyone else to use), so I want your options on things. Some things I cannot change or are out of my knowledge right now, so try to keep the critism down. haha.

Here is the web site:

Don't bookmark it yet though, it may change. But it will work for now.

Things I cannot change:

A. Make the files smaller, I have tried for hours to do that and they are the smallest I can get them. B. Security -There is no print option (for obvious reasons), I don't want people stealing these manuals from us, printing it and selling it to others via eBay. So, I have added MAX security to each manual. Even if they had Acrobat Writer, they cannot even print or change anything in it without a 15 digit random password. C. Not using Acrobat Reader. I have invested money into getting Acrobat Writer 4.0 so I can do this right and professional right off the bat. With Acrobat, Mac's, PC's and any other systems can see the file without problems. Even availible in multiple languages. D. I have put a disclaimer on each manual saying it is for FREE and asking if they found it useful to consider a donation to the cause.

That is about it, let me know what you think. There will be a lot more manuals added soon. (as soon as I get them in the mail from all of you.)

Don't forget, if you have a manual that we don't have up yet, PLEASE consider scanning it, or lending it to me so I can scan it in. Right now, any Konica SLR manuals, lens manuals, accessory manuals, brochures etc are accepted. :))

Enjoy the manuals, the site and remember, this wouldn't be possible without all the Konica support from this group and yourself.

Mike LePard The Photography Blue Book web site Photography Blue Book web site. Server #1 Photography Blue Book web site. Server #2

-- Anonymous, January 13, 2001


Konica Manuals for Project. What I have and what I still need.

With very warm thanks to all for supporting this Konica manuals on-line for free project, here is what we have so far in manuals:

We Have: Konica FC-1, NT-3/T3N, FS-1, T4, T3, FT-1, TC, T2

Thanks to: T.D. Hulit, Nick Merritt, Bill Ericson, Alan Myers, Frank Purpura, Adam Calabrese (did I forget anyone?). If you are on this list, please make sure you give me a confirmation that you are still sending or scaning the manual in.

We Still Need: Konica F, FS, FP, FM, Auto Reflex (full/half frame), Koinca A/P, A1000, A3, FP-1, TC-X. Also any lens/camera brochures, rare manuals or other items too.

Thanks again for your support.

Mike LePard

-- Anonymous, January 13, 2001

We now have a TC-X manual. Still need others.

Thanks to Lee Jones who has offered up his Konica TC-X manual for the project. He also mentioned that he may have some accessory manuals as well. We now only need the following manuals:

We Still Need: Konica F, FS, FP, FM, Auto Reflex (full/half frame), Koinca A/P, A1000, A3, FP-1. Also any lens/camera brochures, rare manuals or other items too.

Thanks again for the support.


-- Anonymous, January 13, 2001


You guys are providing a wonderful service by publishing these manuals and I just wanted to say thank you. I have both a T3 and a TC. I just wish I could print them. Do you know of any repair manuals for these cameras?

-- Anonymous, January 25, 2001

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