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Okay,so we've all heard the descriptions of words like "bodge"and we laugh when we hear them.(I heard bodge come from Cathy twice this week)I'm sure most Americans that don't live in a cave get it by now.So now I think it's time to share.What I mean by that is no matter if you're a Brit,Canadian,Yank or what ever else in between,show us your slang!! I've worked a lot of different places over the years and you pick up odd terms where ever you go,so here's a few of mine, compliments of those Oakie/redneck/cowboys I worked with welding in the oil patch.

1.Scarf......not the kind you wear,but what you do to a part with a torch.Example:"Go scarf that a-arm off".Can also describe eating quickly,as in "scarf and barf"

2.Swill....what ALL us junk mongers like to root in..Oink!Usually the slimy guts that come out of a roasted engine or trans.

3.Skudge...that greasy guy (or gal) that points you towards the right parts pile in the yard.

4.Booger....closely related to "bodge".Example:"It's been boogered together"

5.Dingleberry.....something that has been left behind by a weld that has to be wiped repeatedly with a grinder to remove.(not a klingon)

6.Goober....a cross breed of booger and dingleberry,usually left behind by a poor welder in a hurry.

7.Slam...term used for speedy parts install/removal.Example:"Just slam that injection pump on"

I'm sure some of these made thier way west with Ma and Pa Joad (strap that mattress on the side of the truck...gra'ma you ride on the top...LOL) As it is said in the schoolyard,I showed you mine,let's see yours!

-- The Zipper (abbynrml@tcsn.net), January 12, 2001


umm....hope that didn't take you long to write up (Yawn)

-- JunkMan (r1ddller@juno.com), January 13, 2001.

Hey!either learn some manners,or go back to playing with your pets.com sock puppet!

-- Carl (mechanome@thegrid.net), January 13, 2001.

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