JYW is #1 on Yahoo Buzz List!

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It appears that concern over the new presenter/format has caused many of us to run to our computers and search for the "people in charge."

Confirming this is the fact that JYW topped the Yahoo "Buzz" list on January 5th with a rating of 254%, clocking the #2 topic, Victoria Principal at 111%. The Buzz factor is a rating that reflects the one-day increase in interest of a TV topic, based on Yahoo searches.


TLC was right there with the spin, though: "[...] strong audience reaction to the new series propels Junkyard Wars to the top of the Yahoo buzz television movers index."

Strong audience reaction? I'd say! :-)

-- Darren Friedlein (darren@dgfa.com), January 12, 2001


I just want to make one little thing clear. Junkyard-Wars.com isn't a TLC site - it is run by me at RDF (Junkyard Wars' Production Company). I started doing it to help my colleagues when they were struggling to find applications for the first US series. It is a spare time project, which is why it isn't of the standard that lots of people seem to expect for a major TV program website.

When there are slightly toungue-in-cheek comments on the website (e.g. 'strong audience reaction') in is not TLC spin. It is just how I see it.


-- Andy Bell (andy.bell@rdfmedia.com), January 15, 2001.

Look at this site soon..... Junkyard wars is a buzzing website cause of George! ( and all of us of coarse) guess Mr. Whipple is to Charmin toilet paper...... What George is to Junkyard Wars! ......Right on!!!!

>>> http://buzz.yahoo.com/20010105/ movers/television/

-- Duane Flatmo, Art Attack (flatmo@humboldt1.com), January 13, 2001.

Perhaps one day it will be a yahoo buzz leader. Right now most of what see on there isn't interesting, mainly because it's exactly what you'd expect to see there.

-- Karl Olson (aka The Stereo Logic) (karl@thestereologic.com), January 15, 2001.

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