junckyard wars challenge

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A awsome challenge would be to have the teams make a demolition derby car. And have a demolition derby between the teams. The last one running will be the winner. It has to be cars. They could find a car and get it running and add stuff to the interior to make it stronger inside so the driver doesnt get hurt. Their should be rules on what they can add to the front and rear to make it stronger. They would have to rerun the gas lines and be given and tank to put behind the back seat and they would have to move the battery on the floorboard.

-- Adam (Bassmaster4684@aol.com), January 12, 2001


i think th teams should have to build cars that are amphibius. they should have to race throuugh mud and water and dirt.there are no restrictions to their design just so long as its amphibius

-- pierce (bmxroc1@aol.com), December 02, 2002.

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