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Each month the Tom Joyner Foundation raises money for Historically Black Colleges and Universities(HBCUs) all over the country through his radio show, The Tom Joyner Morning Show. This month, January, is devoted to Morris Brown College. I will include the website to help each of us as AMEs contribute to "our" school. On the show this morning, the foundation raised almost $75000 to give away in $2500 increments to needy students to keep them in school. Do you understand? In one day almost $75000 was raised for "our" school to keep students attending it. There is a toll free number that you can call to donate funds and have your donation charged to your phone bill.

The website is, click on the Foundation link and go to the site showing this month's school. (

-- Anonymous, January 12, 2001


When was the last time the church as a connectional body contributed to our schools? They are in horrible disrepair and provide a low standard of education to the students who are attending them. While I applaud the efforts of efforts of Mr. Joyner to keep needy students in school shouldn't we make an effort to make the schools worth attending?

-- Anonymous, January 13, 2001

The Tenth Episcopal District, and every church in the 10th District contribute to Paul Quinn College, Dallas Texas every year. I can't give you the numbers right now but your post is an insult to the good people of Texas. Also, Paul Quinn was once in the state you describe but not now. The students, faculty , and the community of Dallas Texas including the business community, under the able leadership of Bishop John R. Bryant restored Paul Quinn to the place it so richly deserves as one of the OUTSTANDING INSTITUTION OF HIGHER LEARNING. All we need is more students. Blessings Pastor Paris

-- Anonymous, January 13, 2001

To elablorate on Pastor Paris's comment, the lcoal churches of the Tenth Episcopal Dissstrict in texas raise over $120K per year to donate to Paul Quinn. Further, PQC, under the presdency of Lee Monroe, has embarked on a Capital Campaign that has built up nearly $25 M.

$100K may only seem like the flicker of a candle, but the 10th is not cursing the darkness. Under Bishop Young's leadership I am sure we will see a conintuance of this commitment and renaissance for "our" school.

You may learn more about the activities of this and other AME schools by visiting their web sites. I have a master link that you can use:

-- Anonymous, January 14, 2001

The capital campaign reported for Paul Quinn College is most impressive. The members of the 10th District and Bishop Young are to be commended for this significant accomplishment. I also believe that comments of thanks and appreciation should be extended to the Tom Joyner Show for spearheading the efforts to make it possible for listeners to give to HBCUs. While I personally would like to see giving limited to only the UNCF [read private schools] schools and replace Alabama A&M, Texas Southern, Kentucky State and Savannah State with schools like Claflin, Allen Univ., or St. Augustine College some money is clearly better than no money. QED

-- Anonymous, January 14, 2001

Bravo. You have all successful missed the point of my posting. To begin if what you are saying about Paul Quinn is true that is great for the 10th district but it means nothing to the other schools. Furthermore, one district is not supposed to be supporting the work of a college it is a connectional responsibility. In order for our schools to actually be great we must as a body decide that our schools are a priority. We should not need Tom Joyner to prompt us to contribute to our schools. It should be an ongoing bugetary priority. History and the present prove that they are not.

-- Anonymous, January 14, 2001

And you sir failed to read my post. Bishop Bryant began this process when he came to the Tenth in 1990 or 91. While Mr. Joyner is to be commended for what he is doing, that in no minimizes tyhe contributions made by the churches of the Tenth at a sacrifice for some of the churches. Another fact is that the majority of the funds to support any college must of necessity come from the tution paid by the students, and the proceeds of Endowment Funds. The $25M raised for PQC'c endowment was spearheaded by The Dallas Morning News, Texas Instruments and other employers. Considerable funds come in through matching grants by the employees of these companies. The amout contributed by the churches is small in comparison but essential as a statement of committment to the colleges. My suggestion to you would be to start a system of fundraising for all of the colleges if the Lord has laid that burden on your heart. Pastor Paris

-- Anonymous, January 14, 2001

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