I need help again re: my FT-1

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I just got my FT-1 back from the shop, new film back, cleaned, and brought up to spec. I am just learning how to use this thing again after 15 years (my ex had it). The X-24 flash has settings for 100 or 400asa. What do I do if I have 200asa film in the camera? Do I use the adjustable F stop control to over or under expose depending on the flash setting? I'd like to thank who all is responsible for this site. Not only did I get recommendations for finding the X-24, also the advice of checking out the fella in Austraila, from whom I got a great Tamron zoom. Thank ya, Thank ya, Thank y

-- Anonymous, January 12, 2001


Not to Worry!


On your X-24, the selector has 3 positions. From the left: M = Manual Orange = f11 Green = f5.6

The flash sets the camera to the proper shutter speed for flash and the aperture you selected on the flash. The ASA 100/400 scales are just usable distances for the orange and green settings at these film speeds. In your case the ASA 200 would split the difference of the two. I have uses ASA 800 with excellent results. The max range would have been more than the 400, obviously, and the minimum somewhat more.


-- Anonymous, January 12, 2001

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