$3400 Konica?

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Did anyone else notice the custom-built, stereo Hexar RF that sold for $3400 on eBay this week?

Not that I'm looking for a stereo camera, just came up in my usual Konica search.

Thinking about gluing together my backup TC bodies, slapping a pair of 50/1.7s on them and seeing what I can get for them! Epoxy of some sort , I suppose. Or, I could weld them.... Break out the torch! ;-)

Also notable was the "New Old Stock" S3 Rangefinder for $450 (more than several Hexars!).

-- Anonymous, January 12, 2001



gee, I hope I wasn't too out of line paying $41 dollars for a T3 with a 50mm 1.7 lens. Frankly it was the first thing that I ever bought from e-bay. Of course it has the usual shutter firing problem that most of them do. But I am addressing that issue. Also paid $21 for a TC body in good working condition.

-- Anonymous, January 18, 2001

eBay prices revisited

Hi Chris, You got some good deals there!

It is still possible to get a good deal off eBay although they seem rarer & rarer, even in the short time I've been active. And eBay prices often beat camera shop Used depts. Recently saw an ad offering an FT-1 chrome body for $298! Let's see, off eBay, I paid $140, $125 and $35 for my black body FT-1s... but I always figure in $75-100 for a CLA & minor repairs with any used camera purchase and would expect that to already be done with a camera store purchase.

There is currently a Hexanon 50mm 1.4 (late model to f22, with a filter, caps & lens case) at $86 and over a day still to go! My favorite normal lens, but not at that price! Let's see, I bought a very nice one from Greg Weber for about $50 and got a 2nd extra clean one off eBay for $35...

Happy bidding! (hmmmm, maybe it's time to sell a few things!)

Alan Myers San Jose, Calif.

-- Anonymous, January 19, 2001

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