what happens to the contraptions

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What happens to the contraptions after the show? Do they get junked or do they store them some where??

-- sasha (sasha7659@aol.com), January 12, 2001


For god's sake I hope they crush the stuff. You could put an Eye out with those things.


-- Stephen A. Binion (Stephenbinion@hotmail.com), January 12, 2001.

Yep, according to the official sites, the vehicles get "recycled" after the show. There was an exception to the rule though-- The steam-powered cars were for a time on display at a museum somewhere..


-- Thomas (trh1@concentric.net), January 12, 2001.

I think all the contraptions should all be saved & put in a museum, Most are a True Work of Art. From the jumping jeep to the air powered punkin chunkier. Their all masterpieces!

-- Rick Lawrence (Hoodoo2@povn.com), January 13, 2001.

Shortly after we got back to the states after filming the show in London for 25 days. We got an email from someone on the show who said that TLC might be bringing our "Hot Hazel" boat over to use on talk shows and such. They said, maybe even we could just keep it after that. So they wouldn't have to ship it back to the UK.....Haven't heard another word????? It would be cool.

-- Duane, Art Attack (flatmo@humboldt1.com), January 13, 2001.

They're lovingly preserved for posterity in the Smithsonian.

-- Richard Manahan (rjcyclesk8@hotmail.com), January 13, 2001.

There's room for all of them in my back yard, since the county gave me the "Redneck Yard of the Month" award, made me pay $100 and clean it up. Surely they would be proud to have a JYW museum here. The Zoning people here liked the show by the way.

-- Waddy Thompson (cthomp3851@aol.com), January 13, 2001.

OK now, all together now, with feeling ... "You can get anything you want at Waddy's restaraunt!"

-- (arlo@alices.org), January 15, 2001.

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