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What about JYW/SHC does it for you?

Mainly, I like how JYW/SHC doesn't insult your intelligence like 99% of the stupid network trash out there. It's fun, geeky, and educational. It doesn't ramble, proselytize, or descend into self-worship.

Even TLC runs mindless drivel occasionally. JYW/SHC is really the shining star of the TLC lineup. A diamond in the rough.

It's really the only thing I watch anymore!

I can forgive the artistic license portraying the competetion between teams, and I can also forgive mis-directing George. (I can tell George has the potential to be a great host, he's just not being directed that way.)

Hopefully rdf will learn from their mistakes and give us a wicked next season!

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-- Dan Hollis (goemon@blort.invalid), January 12, 2001


What I like about JW/SC (or JYW/SHC):

* I don't know much about the way things work. These shows break it down to the simple workings for me. Everything I know about hydraulics, I learned from this show!

* Despite this, I don't feel the show is "dumbed down" for me. I appreciate that the show expects intelligence from its audience.

* It's entertaining. The hosts and the people who are on the show are all so interesting, each in their own way. It's like "reality TV" - only without the smarmy voting people off islands, gossiping behind each others' backs, etc. It's reality TV, but with a purpose and a brain.

* It's more than entertaining - sometimes, it's downright hysterical! I've had more good belly laughs off this show than any other show in quite a while.

* It's amazing. Since I don't know the basics of how things work, it always amazes me that people can actually make these things out of junkyard scrap! Yes, I know some of it is seeded in, but still, it amazes me.

* I also love the British aspect of it (though I'm giving George a chance) - the way Cathy and Robert describe things sometimes cracks me up.

All in all, great show head to tail. Thanks to RDF for such good TV.

-- Susan G. (dreamer@fsmail.net), January 12, 2001.

I'm a JYW/SHC junky myself. I agree with everything you say Dan. It's really really sad intelligent stuff like this doesn't get done more by the networks. Even non-techy types would get a real blast out of this show. But you know, most TV executives make their shows with the objective of pleasing an audience with the average "mental" age of about 10. What we really should do is go to each network and point out JYW/SHC as an example of how good TV should be done.

- Yves

-- Yves Lacombe (yveslac@videotron.ca), January 15, 2001.

Well said Susan, This is a show that can appeal to the mechanically challenged or the professional bodger alike. I just love the contraptions some of the teams come up with. I know I always can think of a way to make them a little better, But then I've be a professional bodger all my live. LOL I expect (do to the overwhelming popularity of the show) we be see the (networks) try to jump on the bandwagon with similar shows. So there really can be good trash on TV!

-- Rick Lawrence (hoodoo2@povn.com), January 15, 2001.

Susan- You describe it to a tee. I am NOT mechanically inclined, and the thought that someone could acutally make something work out of a bunch of junk just totally amazes me! I wouldn't even know where to begin, and that is what makes this so fascinating! This is a great family show, and we can't wait till Thursday evening, (we record Wednesday's shows) so we can sit down with Popcorn and enjoy! It has become a new Family tradition, and this is the ONLY show my husband and I watch, besides the news. (OK I admit, I love Antiques Roadshow too, but Junkyard Wars is the only "Must-See" show on our list!)

-- Rhonda (mxrs@zianet.com), January 15, 2001.

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-- Rhonda (mxrs@zianet.com), January 15, 2001.

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