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Seems interesting but I can't think of two ways to go about solving the problem and what constitutes "good" Zamboning (time to clear the rink?).

Now that I've broken my own rule, I can't help but notice that many idea suggestions are dangerous (helicopters, rocket sleds...) or violate the "must be solved two ways" directive (hand car...). Think in the box folks.

I have seen some great ideas. I particularly like the flag pole climber (inch worm vs rolling grippers?). Digging sounds ok but for two solutions perhaps digging a hole under a wall (screw digger vs backhoe).

Whatever may be I love the show (even if the Yank host is, if you'll excuse the expression, a tool).

-- ChanzReed (, January 12, 2001


i love the idea of the zamboni. I play hockey so that would be great to watch them clear the ice.

-- aaron read (, January 13, 2001.

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