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Dear Junkyard Wars: Show Ideas: 1] White Water Power Boats

I believe the Nerds would be good to invite, if they truly lost as graciously as it appeared in the finals. At least one contestant could be a jet boat, and the Nerds have attained good knowledge in this area with water canon building. It would be then a very good idea, to find a very expert white water boat builder for the other team. 2] Water Filtraion Machine Each team builds a water filtration machine that filters as vessels of potable water as possible in one hour. Perhaps a simple light test would determine if vessels are “potable”. I probably have more. Enjoy your show immensely. Dream of forming a team from a bike builder, myself, and artists from our little town of Trinidad, Colorado. Keep up the good work. Sincerely, R

-- Rita Hill (, January 12, 2001


Water Filter challenge: Perhaps each team could receive one bag of charcol, and some panty hose.

-- Rita Hill (, January 13, 2001.

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