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Man powered railroad car, only given the guage width of the track each team must power the car by hand. No engines can be used for a power source. Each team would be required to relay 1km of track picking up a new member each time to complete five legs. Or each team can have a four man powered time trial for 1km, best time of three runs wins. Any other suggestions?

P.S. Lets forget the host issues, just think of great ideas!

-- Mike Hamilton (, January 12, 2001


Thats a good idea... the only problem you will find with this, is that most likely, no US RR will be willing to let non-employees on the property. Of course, contact small shourtlines/tourist ops would most likely reduce/eliminate that problem. I was thinking of something else though...

Waht about combining the ideas that have already been done? You used steam, you've build dozens of car designs.. what about a locomotive? as long as you could couple to a AAR railcar, teh brakes can be manually released. just be careful.

-- Jason Gallaway (, January 13, 2001.

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