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I have a problem converting (encoding) the asf files. I use TMPGEnc and after a while the program stops responding. When I try to open some of the asf files in VirtualDub(version 12a which supports asf), I get a parse error saying too many packets. Does anybody know what this is and how to fix it? I have not been able to encode an asf file yet and would appreciate any kind of input. I use window98 and have 500mhtz machine with 96mg ram. Thanks.........

-- joe desai (, January 12, 2001


virtual dub version 1.3c is what you need. This version is the last version that support ASF. Make sure that you also install Window Media Encoder 4.1 in your system so that either Virtual Dub or TMPGenc12a/b have mpeg4 v1,v2, & v3 codec to work with. If you don't have codec available on your system, then they will have problem parsing/opening the ASF file. Just because window media can play the ASF doesn't mean you have the codec install on your system. The filter for window media player is not going to let your editor open the ASF.

-- lnguyen (, January 12, 2001.

What doeds ASF have to do with VCD's and this forum? ASF is not a true format because it is PC dependant and connot be played back on a set top box such as a DVD player

-- Victor DeLarose (, January 12, 2001.

Victor DeLarose,

he is converting asf to mpeg, probably to make vcd. learn to read.

-- ndumu (, January 12, 2001.

Thanks guys for your response. I will try to follow up on your advice and see how it goes. And yes Victor, I am trying to convert asf to mpeg so I can encode that mpeg to vcd. I guess that makes my question valid for this forum(I hope)....

-- joe desai (, January 13, 2001.

Hey asf is a highly compressed format not a windows movies format. that format is used for illegal movies over the net mostly a 2 hours movie can be 300MB with quality of 240/320 and 400-500MB it's full screen mode... anyway...

it not recommanded to put it on vcd, you loose too many quality just buy a tv output and it will be easier and have a better quality then the movie on your computer... anyway illegal is illegal now i'm talking too much...

-- Someone (, October 27, 2001.

asf stands actually wasn't made for illegal purposes. It is called advanced streaming format and it is used to stream files over windows media server.

-- jack keenan (, November 08, 2002.

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