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Been seeing all the postings regarding the $$$$$$$ being spent by those wanting Konica equipment. Wondering really if these are opportunists or tried and true afficianado's like ourselves (*wink*).

As an original owner of an FT-1 motor who has purchase a new battery holder, shutter release cable and 6 lenses over the last year I can attest that these items can be found without having to sell my firstborn.

All I can say is hang in there and keep lookin'. I just recently hit a trade show in San Mateo, CA and found a NICE 300mm for $150. If I had cash on me at the time I am sure I could have gotten an even better price. I have purchased a 28, 40, 70-150, 135, 200 and the $$ I paid for the 300 was the most I have ever forked over to a dealer or anyone on e-Bay.

I did notice though that very few lenses were at the show (seemed more like a Nikon convention than anything). And the majority of bodies were TC's. There will be another one this spring in Santa Clara...who knows, maybe I will find that elusive 85.....

I am glad to hear that Konica is considering a new SLR, but I have kept my FT-1 all these years for a reason and will have high expectations for anything new that is introduced. I guess I am just a LITTLE spoiled. LOL

Good luck...and if anyone needs help with reproducing those manuals, let me know, I have a good scanner and have been an Adobe user for a while. As I read it appears that this is a project that is quickly gaining a life of its own!!

J.F. Macillus Livermore, California

-- Anonymous, January 12, 2001


Manuals for the Konica Manual's For Free project needed.

Hi J.F.

I agree with your statement on you can find good deals out there, but the "good deals" are getting rarer to find on eBay right now. I was in Toronto this christmas and new years and found quite a few Konica Lenses (about 40), but the pawn shops and photography stores wanted more for them than eBay did. (i.e. a 40mm lens for $90, a 135mm f3.5 for $135). Best deal I saw was a "perfect" condition Hexanon 200mm f3.5 lens for $90. Should of picked it up, but didn't really "need" it, if it was just a little cheaper I would of though.

If you have any manuals you can scan in for the Konica manuals project I am doing please feel free to do so. I need them scanned in at 300dpi and saved as .jpg files, if you are using Adobe Photoshop, please use the Sharpen More filter. Let me know what original manuals you have and I'll let you know what we still need.

You can write me here or at:

Thanks for your offer of help and support for the Konica project!

Mike LePard

-- Anonymous, January 12, 2001

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