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Will the new WinOnCD Version 3.8 PE work in the US for making Video CDs; i.e. is the MPEG encoding compatible with the NTSC standard? Note: I believe you can no longer buy the version in the US; however, I have relatives in Germany who could mail it to me.

-- Wolfgang Hill (, January 12, 2001


WinOnCD may or may not be able to encode your AVIs into White Book MPEGs PAL or NTSC but get it just the same before Adaptec morphs it into something unstable like EZCD4. I would rely on an external, separate app like Panasonic 2.5 or TMPGenc (which will provide better control over vital parameters than anything just bundled (witness less-than-stellar Ligos MPEG engines bundled with some NLEs)) to encode my clips to MPEG before giving them to WinOnCD to author my VCD with.

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, January 18, 2001.

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