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[Sorry, I'm posting this a second time just so it is a new thread]

Arrgghh! I already contributed a few ideas, but here's a couple more I failed to mention the first time around: a street-sweeper [I think everyone loves those, haha], a garbage truck, a monster truck [someone already mentioned that], a fire truck [i.e. take the fire boat challenge onto land], and a hovercraft [OK, that one might be a little far-fetched]. Maybe they could also alter a pair of vehicles and have a destruction derby, as long as it could be carried out safely. Hey, and you could even combine some challenges and make some bizarre "multipurpose vehicles" such as a firefighting street- sweeper, or a seagoing bulldozer, for example. :)

-- SwedishVictory (, January 12, 2001


hate to say it, they did hovercrafts

-- TheNickman (, January 12, 2001.

yeah your right but we have not seen it yet (its next week)

-- Robert (, January 12, 2001.

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