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Greetings former competitors, and those in the know! A question: It seems that every show, the two teams leave their areas in their little cars at the exact same time. It would seem to me that you'd leave at more random times; maybe occasionally both groups would be done with planning that close together, but I'd think that at least occasionally one team would be ready to go out and scavenge long before the other.

So finally the question (which is probably obvious now): Do they make you wait until both teams are ready, before you go out to get parts? Which seems fair enough. Just wondering. Thanks :)

-- Susan G. (, January 12, 2001


Yes, they wait to let both teams leave the build area at the same time. The routine for the build is probably universally pretty close to this >>>>>>>> You haul ass at the beginning. Then kind of slow down a bit in the middle. Lunch happens. Each team takes one hour off. Then you slowly build to a fever pitch until the end.

-- Duane, Art Attack (, January 12, 2001.

Way to go Duane! I've noticed that the last four shows that used a motorcycle engine have won the compitions. Is this a trend or coincidence?

-- Rich Maedge (RMAEDGE@VIKPUMP.COM), January 12, 2001.

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