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I always notice that the 2 experts have drastically different ideas. One always says "big engine, with some weight", while the other always says they need a "small engine, and light weight," Here is my question, are the experts told to follow a specific mold? Are they given a design by the producers and told to convince their team this is the way to go? Any ideas? Any experts out there, or does anyone have info? Thanks......


-- Jason Andrews (, January 11, 2001


It's about what you race. Bike Guys always go with the lighest weight. Car guys feel that there is no replacement for dispacement. (If a 4 litre engine is good an 8 litre is better.)

-- Stephen A. Binion (, January 12, 2001.

As one of the experts for one of the fourth seasons shows, I will go on record saying " the producers do not tell me or give me any design or ideas about how to approach a design at anytime". You are given the same set of parameters that the team will get on the day of the build and you just have to come up with your best shot. But then all the planning in the world will not prepare you for what materials you get once you are in the Junkyard. And anyway the expert does not go into the Junkyard to get stuff, so you must rely on the "scavangers" talents to translate your jibberish into a wonderful part or a pile of Real Junk.

-- James Tucci (, January 16, 2001.

Thanks James for your answer. I wasn't sure what to think. Thank you for clearing it up. BTW, what team did you work with, and did you all win?


-- Jason Andrews (, January 16, 2001.

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