does anyone know where to get a stovepipe trivetree? : LUSENET : Countryside : One Thread

I saw an add for one in the nov.1979 issue of CS. Yes I know that was along time ago.It was sold by a company called Chelsea Stove Accessories out of Chelsea vermont.It is a clamp like thing that hooks to the pipe on a woodstove and forms a circle around it w/ 5 trivets that stand out from it or the trivets can be folded down.It says the uses include warming food or dring gloves. It is really cool and I would love to find one. I called the phone company tring to find their phone # . Do you think CS would have an old contact #. Thanks

-- renee oneill{md.} (, January 11, 2001


check ebay. i think i saw one there recently when i was browsing woodburning stuf. be sure to phrase it a number of different ways

-- gene ward (, January 11, 2001.

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