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It would be intresting to watch if the producers did one show per season, where they do all the ground work with the "expert" such as emailing the "wish list" of necessary materials, tools, work-contingency plan ect, then, when they are telling the teams the challenge on camera, make the challenge a totally different one from what they told the "expert." They would need to do the same ground work with the team captain before the challenge,(making the team captain the actual expert for that show, who would hopefully keep the challenge secret from his team mates) and that way, the two team members and the "expert" would be totally confused. We would find out what the "expert" is made of, and see how the team and "expert" would work togather on the challenge. I think it would be big fun, and lots of laughs if the "expert" has the sense of humor to handle it. I would have thought it hilarious if they had done that when I was there. We would have had a fine time with the challenge, as all of us had already had gotten to know each other at the motel, and we probably would have won had Jay been the expert. Waddy, "expert" for the "Rusty's"

-- Waddy Thompson (, January 11, 2001

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