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I created several VCDs in the past few weeks and have come to discover that the audio levels on some of them are very high -- forcing me to turn down the stereo/tv volume to a very low setting.

The audio is not distorted in any way... just very load.

Is there a way I can reduce the audio gain on a VCD MPEG without re-encoding the video (in other words -- losing video and/or audio quality)?

I appreciate any help... as my only other option is to recapture and re-encode all the VCDs again. ARGH! :(

Many thanks!

Nick Pappas

-- Nick Pappas (, January 11, 2001


Well, demux the mpeg1 layerII audio with virtual dub 1.4c into WAV format(convert it back using 48Khz 16bit stereo High Quality). Demux the video with TMPGEnc. Normalize the audio with a WAV editor, CoolEdit or something like that. Feed the WAV back to TMPGEnc and encode it to MPEG1 LayerII audio. Mux the Video + Audio back together with TMPGEnc. Audio encoding is much faster then doing video+audio. There is a chance that the audio and video will be misaligned (desync), If it does, then try aligning the two back during muxing with the time alignment option.

-- lnguyen (, January 13, 2001.

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