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1. A show that combines MTV's Road Rules with Junkyard Wars. Two or more teams of people could travel all over the world and make things out of junk to accomplish tasks and to transport them from one place to another.

2. A worldwide rally race: have teams build machines out of junk that can go over dirt, mud, sand, snow, and water. Then have them race over a long distance in all those terrains. The film crew can follow them and provide tools and spare parts for repairs when needed. The winner gets a million dollars.

3. Have contests where you let people build something on their own time and bring it to one place to compete. This is like the punkin chunkin competition. This would get around the time and materials limitations of JW. Each contestant pays an entrance fee which is used to pay the winner the grand prize. They have a radio control airplane competition every year called Top Gun, where the best rc plane builders compete. Why isn't that televised?

4. How about building things out of different types of scrap piles, such as a pile of electronic junk? I think people are running out of ideas for things to make from junk cars and scrap iron.

-- Richard Manahan (, January 11, 2001

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