Junkyard Wars

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I watched Junkyard Wars for the first time on The Learning Channel here in the USA for the first time... and I was captivated. What a cool show! I am amazed that these people somehow rig up a working contraption out of junk in just 10 hours.

I like seeing motorized vechiles... I am not sure how enteresting catapults, or SCUBA devices would be, but I could be wrong. I mostly like watching them tear apart old cars and bikes and combining them into an awesome machine. Giving a Bug an Oldsmobile V8 and a series of oild drums a Diesel Land Rover engine is just a cool, awesome idea!

There may be only so many things you can do along these lines... but more motor-powered vechiles would be cool.

-- Brian Straight (Writer4747@aol.com), January 11, 2001

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