A Challenge Idea

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Okay, each team has their flag mounted to the top of a high wall. The goal is to pile up enough dirt and rocks to allow the vehicle to climb up to the top carrying all four team members, and the first one to remove the other team's flag is the winner. The vehicles would have to be powerful enough to haul/push enough rocks and dirt from the pile to the wall quickly, light enough to actually climb up the pile, and large enough to carry all four team members. Each pile would have to be determined safe by a referee before the vehicle can climb it. Large bins, trailers, and tractor treads could be stocked. Reaching arms and cranes wouldn't be allowed.

This challenge would have it all...moving dirt around, big rumbling machines, team members hauling like mad, everyone dirty, cars almost making it up the pile, only to slide down again.

-- Matt Bagshaw (cadman88@hotmail.com), January 11, 2001


I don't think that is a goog idea because that would take to long. I think a good challenge would be to have a long mud pit and let the teams make a vehicle to see which team could make it the farthest. The one who made it the farthest would WIN!

-- Robertson Groves (robrice@seark.net), January 11, 2001.

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