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Was it just me or were the contestants better and tried harder than previous american ones? George was a little better too.

-- kevin eliott (, January 11, 2001


I missed the off-road vehicle challenge (for a funeral -- it took a lot to make me miss JYW), but the boat challenge was excellent. The teams were competitive but not fanatical, the challenge was interesting (why did they pick that hulking great tractor engine instead of some speedy little 2-liter 4-banger? how did the other team expect to plane with a poor hull shape, a wimpy-looking screw, and pretty limited power?), I loved Hazel's paint job, and, best of all, George was very good.

I found George thoughtful, helpful, funny and all-around cool. It's time to stop complaining about him and give him time to find his place on the show. He needs a shave, though.

Cathy, as always, was luminous.

-- Rick

-- Rick Tyler (, January 11, 2001.

Dammage was a really cool team. I loved the robots they made. I was really disappointed they lost. So many times the team with more technical expertise loses because of bad luck or the machine they built was too ambitious or something.

-- Richard Manahan (, January 11, 2001.

Don't criticize the team for using that diesel engine. Did you see how quickly it accelerated and traveled? They probably had a really steep propeller on their boat so the low-end grunt of that diesel was perfect. Also with the length of driveshaft they had I'd want to keep my Rpm as low as I could.

-- Tyson Fortowsky (, January 11, 2001.

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