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I think it's time for the greatest country in the world to be represented on this show. Everyone has complained about the "Americanization" of the show, well its time for a little "Canadianization"! The Crazy Canucks (team name alert!) were the first on the beach in Normandy, we could be the first to win the "non-Brit" JYW. My qualifications are a good grasp of effects of motion through three-dimensional space, a great personality, and a willingness to smash-cut-weld-whoops-weld again two pieces of metal together until they stick. I don't have an engineering background, but I follow orders like the best of 'em. I'm in Toronto, post back if you want in, and lets go, eh?

-- Matt Bagshaw (cadman88@hotmail.com), January 11, 2001


Yeah us Canadians kick ass. We were the first on the beaches of Normandy. Probably had nothing to do with the fact that maybe british officers commanding us used us as the first wave so when there troops came in there was fewer casualties. But we were first ones on beaches of Normandy. Yahoo, Yahoo for Canada! Anyways I'm Canadian and I'll built anything I'm told to build as well.

-- Tyson Fortowsky (biker_tyboy@hotmail.com), January 11, 2001.

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